George Stowell 

Chartered Practice | Client Adviser


Client Advice services align with RIBA Plan of Work 2020, stages 0 to 7; left.

Design services align with stages Stages 2 to 5; right.

Client advice


Client’s Project strategy - RIBA 0 to 7

Independent advice for business and service planning including writing strategic briefs. Requirements’ definition, development and assurance for user benefit and lifecycle value.

Feasibility , Concept and Planning - RIBA 2/3

Feasibility studies, concept option and Planning submission, including requirements of look, feel, materials, functionality, cost, build timescale and safety.

Client’s Briefing - RIBA 1

Research for and writing your brief that forms client design requirements about how your building will work and perform.

Design Technical development - RIBA 3/4

Proving the concept in technical drawings, computer models, mock ups and prototypes;  for procurement, risk benefit, construction and outcome certainty.

Client’s Handover and Use - RIBA 6/7

Supporting the transfer of built and assurance deliverables from contractor to client; guiding the process of users moving in.

Design for Manufacture and Build  - RIBA 5

Supporting client and contractor with the supply chain at construction stage to implement design requirements, validation that building meets them.