George Stowell 

Chartered Architect  | Client Adviser

Studio of George Stowell 

Client Adviser | Chartered Practice


Defining the problem to solve and how; advice to set up, prepare and complete projects.

Client’s Project strategy - RIBA 0

Independent advice for business and service planning including writing strategic briefs, Requirements’ definition, development and assurance for user benefit and lifecycle value.

Brief and stakeholder engagement - RIBA 1

Research for and writing your brief that forms client design requirements about how your building will work and perform.

Selecting the right team - RIBA 2

Working with procurement function to source the designers who’ll turn Requirements into a design for use. Then, with the client team and designer, advising on the selection of the best construction stage contractor to make your project happen.

Workflow, assurance, occupancy - RIBA 3 to 7

Structuring the workflow  using consistent processes and ICT;  stage gate quality assurance, ongoing stakeholder involvement to Handover; post occupancy evaluation.