Clients and colleagues are insightful about work undertaken.

2020 - Network Rail, New Stations design competition.

Judges citation…

The Panel thought the process-driven submission demonstrated a reasonably good evaluation of design variables and contained lots of ideas that had potential…the design solution was permeable and welcoming’

2019 - Julian Robinson Head of Architecture, Crossrail, London. 

Client for linewide client services programme to Crossrail Chief Engineer’s Group.

‘I have worked with the Atkins Grimshaw Maynard GIA Equation Crossrail Linewide Architectural Components team since 2010. George Stowell has been the Framework Lead on the client advice and technical services phase of work since 2013.

I have found the team and George to be professional and effective. The team has helped solidify client requirements and provide solutions through review and critique of requirements and technical design submitted in response to my design brief. 

The team has also in my view exhibited a clear understanding of design and procurement risk’.

2011 - British Construction Industry Awards, Small building Prize.

Judges citation…

‘A genuinely new and highly innovative way of covering a tennis courts with great potential, which came from the meeting of innovative minds and collaborative teamwork.’

2011 - Mike Bain, Director, The Lawn Tennis Association.

Client for Sports Canopy, The National Tennis Centre.

'In little less than two years my team has delivered a completely innovative and perfectly tailored sports canopy at The National Tennis Centre that will greatly benefit the next generation of British tennis players.

We set the team challenging time, cost and quality targets. They have delivered on all of these with an elegant, economic and functional all-year round product that allows players to train 'at home' in the off-season and at the height of summer, building strength, tactical abilities and skills on the clay court environment.

Now we know how it works, the costs and its adaptability, we are exploring its use in other sports across the country where post '2012', we envisage a new generation of sport and leisure users who will come to expect this level of facility quality, and who will benefit from it, as our players have done so since 2010'.

2011 - Dervilla Mitchell, Director, Arup, London.

Institute of Civil Engineers Award Judging Panel, Citation…

“The new demountable canopy at the Lawn Tennis Association in Roehampton impressed the judges in many ways. Not only does it meet the brief of providing extended clay court play to develop young players but the team produced an innovative structure which overcame significant planning challenges and sits well next the existing LTA headquarters.

“The structure is light weight, uses less energy than a conventional air hall and is demountable in four days. But what is more impressive is the future opportunity to use this as a low cost solution in communities and for other sports or other uses. The delivery of this interesting and sustainable structure was enabled by a client with vision, a strong project manager and excellent team work by a widely distributed design team.”