Modular off site family homes in vertically stacked, or lateral side by side layout.


Modular family house design for central town locations, shown, or, side by side layout for outer town sites. Classic design utilises high quality Swiss timber manufacturing expertise and materials for UK assembly and installation of 250 freehold units per year across South East England. Bespoke features include sunlit day/work space, en suite bathrooms to each bedroom and storage; standard features include kitchens and bathrooms that are replaceable in the optional buying solution for care and maintenance.

Client: Chelfonte

Cost: Private

Use of Swiss manufactured timber

Layers of timber are expressed

Light roof finish blends into the sky

Sun filled rooms at high level

Durable white render to ground level

High performance glazing throughout

Solid finished base with modular timber above

Complete modular structure in three stacked levels, each one finished in a different material attuned to the local context.

Top floor living with generous views

Mature town centre sites often contain mature trees; top floor living maximises sunlight, views and privacy.

Generous ‘through view’ living space

Open, easy to use and adaptable ground floor areas with high performance European fenestration, underfloor heating and storage.